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A revolutionary idea needs a razor sharp narrative to realize its full potential. When pioneered the idea of crowd sourced commercial real estate investing, the concept didn't even exist yet. Through thoughtful collaboration and craftmanship, we were able to bring that story to life in a way that people everywhere could understand.  Fast forward nearly 10 years later, the platform - and our approach to telling its story - have been imitated across industries and around the world.  

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More Than Me 

When More Than Me applied for the Chase Giving Awards, they were a tiny 3 person NGO up against some of the biggest, most established charities in America.   A dynamic CEO, a tenacious staff, and a little viral video magic from us helped transform the simple mission of putting girls in school in Liberia into a global force for good.  A few hundred thousand views and votes later, Katie Meyler was on stage in LA accepting the winning check for 1 million dollars.

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National Geographic and Red Bull had a simple ask - go talk to these badass women about breaking barriers and competing with purpose. Make it look sweet. That we can do. 

From an outlaw motorcycle racer to America's strongest disabled woman,  we profiled some truly inspired individuals - and racked up over 100,000 YouTube views in the process. 

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Few phrases are as exciting to a filmmaker as when an agency tells you: "we want you to shoot a commercial for the super bowl."  It follows, then, that nothing is quite as anxiety inducing as the follow up... "its for an IT infrastructure firm." 


Luckily, where there's a will there's a way, and working w/ the client team I was able to write, direct, and deliver a pair of spots that exceeded even the lofty goal before us...  The two-year long campaign wrapped up when CSRA finalized a $9.6 Billion sale to aerospace giant General Dynamics. Mission Accomplished. 

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Let Girls Learn

When Michelle Obama's office calls, you pick up the phone. Especially when you're in the middle of west Africa during the Ebola crisis (how did they get the number??). 

Luckily we were able to capture some truly incredible young women and translate that into a film that would play for leaders around the world, from the White House, the UN, to the Global Citizen Concert. 

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Even the Score

While filming a - "campaign for female viagra" might sound like a joke... getting a drug passed through the FDA is serious work. Luckily our series of spots helped garner public support which led to the eventual passage of Addyi by the FDA. 

Not long after, that translated into a sale by our client, Sprout, for a cool $1 billion.

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American Chemical Society

Call it the opposite of Adventure Science... the American Chemical Society nonetheless has some interesting stories to tell.  For us, a chance to recognize the massive impact chemistry has on the world around us. For them... a chance to pick up a 2018 Telly Award. 

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